Ok so, I’m running an Icelandic Mastodon instance, and it’s grown to 400 users, including big TV personalities and politicians (MPs!!). It’s also 100% Icelandic that this is all happening on some students Raspberry Pi in his living room in Sweden 😅

Gonna move it to the cloud soon, I don’t want my country paralized because my internet is down smh


you would have thought years of playing pokémon would have at least taught me this

@tritlo and cloudflare will be nice to avoid some douch ddos'ing you lol

@bryson my current DDOS mitigation is that the machine will probably just crash lol

@bryson @tritlo This is the best admin-related thread I've seen on Masto :fox-spin:

@tritlo i so much want to move to Iceland after this toot!

@tritlo Beware, now we will all want a small room in your Raspberry server to enjoy a piece of Icelandic internet connection 😇

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