Denk ich an in der Nacht dann bin ich um meinen Schlaf gebracht

Denk ich an in der Nacht dann bin ich um meinen Schlaf gebracht

@hazel I have a copy of the "The Edwin Users Guide" in my office. I still haven't worked out how to operate one effectively.

I can't actually remember what Edwin is. Some kind of system developed at Edinburgh I think? There've been a few systems with that name. It does confuse me when I see it...

ich wünsche mir spatzen
die autos zerkratzen
ich wünsche mir eulen
die autos verbeulen
ich wünsche mir dackeln
die autos abfackeln
ein rudel von tieren
die autos demolieren

"It's Terraform + Ansible - Or as I call it: Terrible"

An excerpt of the last Haskell meetup:

Haskeller 1: So the data structure became to complex, there was too much redundancy, and it just wasn't ergonomic to use anymore! We started using GADTs and overloaded records!
Haskeller 2: You should use lenses! Prisms! Traversals! Template Haskell!
Newcomer: Hey, what do you guys use for databases? ORM?
*crickets chirping*

Every other year I tell myself: Goodbye , I'll now fully embrace !

If I had the chance to live my life again, I would enable ghc-options: -W -Werror from the beginning.

I spent several days net to debug a concurrency problem in , and the resolution was simply to swap the order of two monad transformers.

I wanted to write some code involving Applicatives and Validation functors, but it was (pure . Failure)

> #TypeTheoryForall is a #podcast hosted by #PedroAhbril, PhD Student in #Programming Languages at #PurdueUniversity. Our goal is to create content broadly related with PL research and #TypeTheory. For this we interview researchers, host round-tables and have broad discussions about anything related with PL and Type Theory.
#Haskell #Coq #Emacs #Isabelle #Agda #Idris #OCaml

In , IO becomes hard when it's mixed with concurr andenc lazinesy

When I see announcements that some cool piece of hardware fails to attract maintainers, I usually assume that this happened because it's not written in . But then I discover that when I start to maintain a Haskell project to keep it from being abandoned, noone really uses it. (Insert XKCD joke about aide effects here)

"Breaking Boundaries" is a good documentary on planetary boundaries and the perils of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Most discussions about the climate crisis are centred around emissions of vehicles and industries. This documentary explores 9 different planetary boundaries of which atmospheric pollution is just one.

It features actual climate scientists and conservationists; not people parroting the ideologies of billionaires.

#ClimateCrisis #Ecology

In , IO becomes hard when it's mixed with concurr andenc lazinesy

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