I was trying to track down a good citation for storage mode analysis and I thought I finally found it, only to see this in the references 😭​

a window in every PhD student office
reject the austerity myth

Twitter: "Hi, we're run by a cryptofascist who reinstates the accounts of literal nazis while suspending those of press. We'll keep randomly taking away features with no notice and limiting your visibility until you pay us a monthly fee, which you can only do in a handful of countries. Vaccines are bad, the election was rigged, and we love Putin!"

Mastodon: "Hi! You need to choose a server and our DM UX is a little iffy."


Essentials of Compilation is published today! @mitpress


Join me for remote question and answer sessions on Wednesdays at 2pm EST, starting tomorrow February 22 on Zoom:

dedicated in part to "the programming languages students at Indiana University"

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We are happy to announce that registration for the Midlands Graduate School, to take place in 2-6 April at the University of Birmingham, UK, is open:


The Midlands Graduate School provides an intensive course of lectures on the Mathematical Foundations of Computing. It has run annually since 1999, and is hosted by the Universities of Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, and Sheffield in rotation.

#TempleUniversity deactivated my health insurance and the insurance of all striking graduate workers today, effective immediately - a move no US university has EVER taken against striking workers.

We were not informed by the university this happened - workers found out when their insurance was rejected at doctor offices or when picking up prescriptions today.

Help us put #Temple on blast for this unethical and deeply harmful behaviour by sharing this post!

#TUGSAStrike #TempleUnionMade

Want to understand the landscape of gradual typing? Greenman, Dimoulas, and Felleisen have written a 50-page TOPLAS opus on typed-untyped interactions. See blog post, then follow link to paper to read directly from the masters.

New bloggery on Whippet, the garbage collector I have been working on for the last year or so ~~ wingolog.org/archives/2023/02/

I wonder how many minutes/hours of my life I've wasted being momentarily confused by LaTeX errors because I forgot to put [fragile] on a beamer frame that contained code listings.

When you see a comment like /* XXX this is _not_ designed to be fast */ you know it's going to be good. This is certainly one way to implement wordexp


Having a conversation with @vollmerm and coming to the conclusion that the person from grad school that had the biggest effect in his research and philosophy was not his advisor or even Dan Friedman, but the weird Italian guy who lived up stairs from us for a year. Iykyk

My calendar has had a fun and silly event marked on it for the end of 2022 for .. a while.

Four years ago I spent part of the holiday break implementing BOCU-1 (an obscure unicode encoding). Just for kicks, because it's cute and interesting.

Of course, it was patented! But the patent had a royalty-free promise associated with it and was near expiry anyway. After a year of runaround trying to get said royalty-free license (including briefly hiring a patent lawyer) I decided just to wait until the patent expired.

Last month it finally did! So I have finally published this most gratuitously delayed, expensive, tiny, mostly-useless crate: crates.io/crates/bocu1

(cc @manishearth possibly the only person in the world who could be interested in its content)

"I'm using Linux. A library that emacs uses to communicate with Intel hardware.”

– Erwin, #emacs, Freenode.

@glyph Emacs is itself a cry for help, a nostalgic yearning for a simpler time, it is 1985 suckling at the teat of 1978, the abyss gazing into its own CDR, and as the push-down list returns to the sewer, the circle of life is complete.


take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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