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they should invent adhd accommodations that are possible for ppl with adhd to acquire

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My experimental/noise album, "The World is Dying, Hold My Hand" is coming out tomorrow!

Art by

You can pre-order and listen to a couple of the tracks here: voidriver.bandcamp.com/album/t

#music #experimental #noise #electronic

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If I ever manage to write a paper again, maybe it will be about how it's totally possible to implement a dependently typed language in itself, that bootstraps in a couple of minutes.

I'd consider making it compile in parallel, but usually it's easier to make it work faster... still, sometimes when I see people fighting with other languages I wonder if anyone has noticed... I should probably write more.

Changing my status from "working from home" to "striking from home"

@amy Didn't really need to, but I wrote a tiny proof to test if I've setup agda-categories correctly. Any suggestions for a similarly cutesy proof for cubical?

For real, would anyone be mad if I just made a <libraryname>.cabal.jinja2 that updates on commit?

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I love that Cabal requires extra-source-files to be defined inline & before all components.

Anyway, if you wanna see the build dependencies for this library, just scroll down to line 37685.

tfw you Hoogle and it happily tells you "YES! this function exists! in Agda.Utils!"

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holy shit you actually can't post joinmastodon.com on twitter. holy shit it's real

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Seeing some really bad #galactica #LLM #AI takes, so here’s a short executive summary of my usual Twitter rants:

- Knowledge is justified true belief. Machines, and particularly LLMs, don’t have the right kinds of justifications, or the ability to justify.
- Assertions are speech acts that, among other things, commit the speaker. Machines can’t commit.

Generating the text “I believe …” or generating declarative sentences does not give the generator beliefs or the power to make assertions.

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"We are not political, fuck politics, Nazis are welcome"

Is this really the kind of community you want to foster for DLang, @WalterBright? Because what you're doing is not how you get an apolitical community, it's how you get a cesspool of highly political bigots and Nazis.

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phd position blending CS and linguistics 

I have #funding for a #phd student interesting in working at the intersection of #ComputerScience and #linguistics, specifically #syntax and compositional #semantics (in a CS PhD program). I've been kicking the tires on the idea of using classic ideas from categorial #grammar to give trustworthy translations from English to a variety of formal specification logics for software specs. 1/

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godspeed you black emperor is playing in brooklyn tonight and my friend who works at the venue just posted this pic of their load-in 😭🖤

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I use captions and other speech-to-text tools as an accommodation for my ADHD. There are actually several reasons why:

1. Receiving information through multiple sensory channels (audio + visual) makes my attention less likely to wander. With just 1 channel occupied, my brain is understimulated and I habitually reach for distractions to fill the gaps.

#accessibility #adhd #captions


Not sure if my connection's bad or Twitter is dying.

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Being a professor is being told u can read all day but actually ur just in meetings

Announcing setup-agda, a GitHub Action for setting up Agda!

It supports:
• Linux, macOS, and Windows;
• building Agda from source;
• installing from binary distributions;
• installing the standard library;
• installing any Agda library from a public Git repository;
• registering local libraries, default libraries, and executables with Agda.

For more details, see: github.com/wenkokke/setup-agda

I think is my new favourite social media.

I mean, I don't really use the social features. It's just me shouting into the void about all the gay shit I'm reading.

It's perfect.


Sad to be missing an Agda Implementors' Meeting when it's right on my doorstep.

Oh god, Signal stories. Please don't let them try to be social media, I just need my one text message app.

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