Hi there! This is ACM, the world's largest computing society. As you might have noticed, we have opened not only our official #Mastodon account but also our own #instance!

Please consider joining @mastodon.acm.org, a community for #computing researchers & practitioners to connect & exchange ideas with each other, whether you are an ACM member or not.

You can use this link to join: mastodon.acm.org/invite/FbXaxA

Spread the word with your friends and colleagues! Happy tooting!



@ACM Could you point us to some more information:
What are the posting and content policies for this instance? How are the posting and content policies chosen?
Who will moderate this instance? How are moderators chosen?
What are the federation policies for this instance? How are the federation policies chosen?

@wen @ACM +1 to all of those questions. When choosing an instance, the set of people on the instance matters much less to me than the moderation policy (to encourage a healthy, inclusive community).

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