Come down to maths, we got:
- Strange symbols (∈, Π, ℒ, etc.)
- Invoking the names of ancient practitioners to call on their knowledge (Citations)
- May sometimes summon demons (techbros)
- Sacred historic texts (Principia Mathematica, Elements, any textbook etc.)
- Frequently misunderstood

Okay I think I figure out how to avoid using a monad and properly encapsulate the state but I should probably just use a monad because I’ve been wrong several times.

fish(1) – the :sparkles_pink:​ friendly :sparkles_trans:​ interactive :sparkles_nb:​ shell!

friendly defaults! friendly without you doing anything!

friendly completions autogenerated from manpages with zero configuration or work on your part!

friendly 24-bit colours! friendly ways to add all the colours to your code!

not just friendly completions but friendly suggestions too! zero work, suggestions just pop up as you type!

friendly history! no weird control commands, type anything type "up" it fetches from history incl. mid-command matches!

friendly consistent syntax! friendly variable names! friendly scripting! friendly editing/pasting of multiline snippets!

friendly list variables! friendly indexes starting from 1! friendly default input loop separator on newline!

friendly autoload of new confs! friendly html interfaces for customising colours etc.! friendly save persistent options with a command!

much more approachable for complete beginners,

~and~ much more powerful for the shell-experienced!

fish(1) - the friendly interactive shell
it's friendly ~and~ interactive!

fish(1) - the fremd-shaped shell



May I just say for the second time this week, GLOBAL MUTABLE STATE!!!! *shakes fist*

Hidden in the final test suite is a joke that no one will get

Should probably just rewrite it in monadic style. Wonder if the monad library works well with classes.

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Actually in this case it was class-local, but still. it really needed to be group-of-methods local.

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nothing dampens my hope in software more than running a GUI application through the terminal and watching all the log messages

Doing some performance measurements for my compiler's class (Exprs-lang is the the course compiler). Our compiler ain't bad.

Just wrote quicksort, recursively, with closures in C. I won't be taking questions at this time.

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