The idea of the Wood Wide Web - that trees communicate with each other via a network of symbiotic fungi in their roots - has become increasingly popular over the last few years. But turns out it might be entirely false.

A fascinating read by some of the very people who helped spread that idea in the first place. Now this is science.

#science #SciEd #PopScience #WoodWideWeb #fungi #popsci

Ah look, someone wrote exactly the thing I want: an imap from/to migration tool, complete with plenty of filtering, redirection, dry run, duplicate transfer prevention, caching and crash recovery, and output for validating the migration.

A ~500-year-old clam that was killed when scientists opened its shell to see how old it was. 

The recording of the POPL 2023 talk “An Order-Theoretic Analysis of Universe Polymorphism” is already on YouTube! 🤩
Joint work with Carlo Angiuli and @totbwf

oh sure, when the fed prints money, they’re “fixing inflation”, but when I do it, I’m “committing a felony” and “violating the HP end user license agreement”

Are you just catching up on the bonkers story about the lawyer using ChatGPT for federal court filings? This is a thread for you.

Add to your uBlock filters to prevent "the floor is lava" on Youtube. div#hover-overlays div#mouseover-overlay

sharing because this has to be valuable information for at least one person other than me: Fallout New Vegas (including all of the DLC) is available for free on the Epic Games store until June 1st 👀​

lots of great compiler knowledge in this paper!

"Whose baseline (compiler) is it anyway?"

I have a fully funded 2023 home PhD studentship at University of Nottingham School of Computer Science. If you are interested in working with me in an area related to my interests, please get in touch to discuss potential research topics. The deadline of June 30th is quite tight. Further details can be found on my teaching page:

Jane Street is now looking to hire a SECOND internal education person. This is great for CS ed as a field!

Details below. Earn more than you will as a professor. (-:

(Ask @yminsky if you have questions, I'm just boosting.)

okay it needs to be said, the Skyview Towers are all fucked up when you get to them because they are:

a. dramatically overengineered - the entire superstructure above the launch pad is unnecessary;
2. built under an obviously non-competitive contract with Hudson who had every incentive to enable the overly elaborate specifications and no incentive to complete delivery; and
iii. as I previously flagged, the grossly ineffective administration of Hyrulian public works that permit such wanton waste

The Whales have declared war on the Spanish Fleet.

Orcas have attacked and sunk a third boat off the Iberian coast of Europe, and experts now believe the behavior is being copied by the rest of the population. "There were two smaller and one larger...

With Apple’s Advanced Data Protection enabled, your backups and many other files will get the benefit of end-to-end #encryption, better securing them against government requests, rogue Apple employees, or potential data leaks.

Prof. Julia Steinberger reports
that for 3 full days the EU parliament hosted thousands of scientists, activists and policy-makers charting a future beyond growth, but says every single journalist there she spoke to said, "my editor refuses to print any story critical of economic growth."
She is asking people to spread the word about this.
#beyondgrowth #beyondgrowth2023

“Generate Compilers from Hardware Models!” by Smith et al.

just 2 pages but packs a lot of punch, especially for any #fpga folks out there

I have an entire mail folder dedicated to companies that have been reaching out to me about this since ~2017. The pay is good! I find amusing the subtle ways they convey the *real* expectation. (And no, I have no intention of doing it.)

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