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I take it back. There is a whole new level of pain for those who thought they knew pain. My gods.

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Went so far as to read the code, and I was right.. it's doing the stupidest possible random generation for the fire, which sometimes means the RNG codes smile mischievously upon you and there is literally no way out without getting yourself caught on fire.

So really, there are two CDDA challenges: "insane" and "get fucked".

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Project Zomboid 

Getting absolutely wrecked by CDDA challenge.

Reading the preface to Capital, Volume 2, wherein Engels explains how he cobbled this volume together from the rambling shitposts and tweets of Marx.

The notion of "neurodivergence" implies a converse notion of "neuroconvergence", as well as the existence of a weak neurotopology.

I should note that if I reboot by shutting down Windows and powering off first, then the problem doesn't happen when I boot into Linux.

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Recently, my Linux machine has been exhibiting the following bizarre behaviour: after restarting from my Windows drive to Linux drive, my wifi adapter is not working. Unless I shutdown, manually power off the power supply long enough to discharge all the capacitors, and then reboot.

This sequence of debugging steps is similar to debugging some wonky issues with USB hardware, which will sometimes power itself off to protect itself when it's experiencing power anomalies. And my wifi adapter is likely secretly a USB device.

But why on earth is rebooting to and from Windows triggering this? And why doesn't Windows experience any problems?

re: Alcohol 

Sure hope I’ve reached a sufficient level of alcohol toxicity to not be hung over tomorrow.

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Gods being drunk is so tedious I don’t understand how people do this in a regular basis. I’ve just got to wait around and drink water until I’m not drunk this is so stupid.

Turns out professional tax accountants are useful* after all.

(* I mean they made themselves useful so)

I've been using this #tool for years, but I think more people should know about it.

It makes it easy to find a #LaTeX symbol in a few seconds!


Project Zomboid 

Had to look into the option because I was sure there were more zombies than normal, and sure enough... zombie population settings were set to "insane".

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Project Zomboid 

Tried the CD DA challenge, and. man.

After about 10 attempts I managed to live... for a while.

WHOAAA WHOA WHOA. talking about nix in my mentions apropos of nothing? blocked blocked blocked.

While we’re doing bad food takes, I made a spicy noodle soup with spaghetti noodles, a broth of soy sauce, some kind of Chinese black vinegar, and Korean red pepper flakes. Pretty good tbh

I’ve had a mild cold of some sort this week, and the respiratory symptoms are really mild, but it’s obviously affecting my brain.

While making coffee, I dropped an egg shell into my French press, instead of into the compost bin, and didn’t notice until I’d finished my coffee. I hope I got some extra calcium.

I swear Apple tests their AirPod microphones in a soundproof booth, because if one so much as walks briskly by a plastic bag or someone starts a lawn mower in the next state, that noise is picked up and amplified louder than my voice.

Look, Steam, what is your obsession with trying to keep all my games up to date? I have HUNDREDS of them. I'm not always playing all of them. I've already limited your update hours to when I'm never awake, and I've already, individually, told you to update them on launch, and yet sometimes you just ignore me and try to schedule an update them anyway.

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