Me, advising: “I may be too stupid to understand this section”

Yeah. i'm not doing it. can't do it tonight. tomorrow. tomorrow is the day.

sorry @ionchy

It is 7pm. but I have not completed the "review JFP draft" task. I must complete the task. I do not want to complete the task. I must complete the task. I do not want to complete the task.


> I understand the concepts perfectly and understand the problem perfectly I'm just stuck writing the code.
< ... right .....

Can one create a coherent sentence entirely using “telescope”? Like one can with “Buffalo”?

Don’t mind me just slowly sinking into madness—telescope

Oh wait I get it’s because it’s an environment mapping names to types—téléscope!

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Oh oh I get it because in the nameless representation each INDEX is one greater than the next—TELESCOPE

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Ohh I get it because a PI type is an exponential in a CARTESIAN closed category—teleSCOPE.

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Ohh I get it because it’s a SERIES of elements linked together in a list with backwards references—TELEscope.

re: Graphic language, subtweeting, men 

You’d think I’d have learned by now.

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Graphic language, subtweeting, men 

I sometimes forget I can’t make jokes about technical things because all the Men will come and completely miss the joke as it flies over their manheads and mansplain everything to me with their manpeni.

Well done, Man, I commend you on your manpenis, which must be an incredible speciMAN, for you have explained the technical content of my joke so poorly, missing the point so entirely, posting before you have even finished the thread, wherein I answer the question posed (in jest) myself, that the only explanation is a massive quantity, I should guess majority, of the familiar vital fluid must be flowing not into your cerebrum in order to improve your mental faculties, but into your massive, glorious, member!

I think they should warn high school students that if they want to do research it is a LOT of writing. And a surprising amount of presenting and maybe teaching
Like that's not gonna put people off probably... Just a gentle warning about it
And to think that once upon a time after I no longer had to do the concours oratoire I thought to myself, at last, I will never have to do another presentation again if I go into science. WRONG

type of guy who steals fool’s gold from rich merchants

call that a pyrate

POPL22 student volunteer applications are now open!

I also feel bad that I have very devious ideas for catching cheating. monitoring students. but without them ever knowing.


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I feel a bit guilty when invigilating exams. always makes me feel like a cop. bad.

Me: Students, please don't modify your critical infrastructure this close to the exam.
Also me: Hey I have a great idea what if we modify the exam server on the day of the exam?

guess 2021 is not the year of the linux desktop

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