It is done. The commits are squashed. The PR is merged. The update is deployed.

Okay... I think I've fixed this commit history... half the original commits, no duplicate commits, no merges at all, and `git diff main` isn't showing this branch will delete any files I've added recently.

Now I can start reviewing this PR.

Christ I don’t even know how some of these commits happened, like they’re duplicated but the commit is undoing a change that happens in the future?

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Oh my TA has completely fucking mangled this git history and I’ve spent hours trying to undo so many bad merges

Me: Sample sizes are low and irrepresentative of actual opinions and people with more negative opinions are more likely to fill out the survey than people with positive or no opinions
Also me: *in the Twitter compose box* you would NOT believe what they SAID about me,

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does anyone here have tips for a first time TA?

fun fact: there are much more efficient and long-lasting LED lightbulbs that Philips sells only in Dubai (because they got a huge government contract), and they're intentionally not selling anywhere else cuz they last too long

capitalism at work babeyy

now that I think about it, it's actually super fucked up that parent colour code their children so that strangers can tell what genitals they have

I come back to it day after day thinking “but everyone is like 70% why is this special”?

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So my partner just lectured me for like 10 minutes on why it’s perfectly reasonable to sell pillows in a dentists office because retail space is expensive and it’s retail-space-specialization nazis like me that drive up retail costs

After I stopped laughing and picked myself up off the floor I mean she has a point

> sorry I’m still stuck on the dentist selling pillows
< why is that weird?!

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So anyway if you need pillows, campus dentist in Wesbrook is selling them $90 each best pillows you’ve ever bought from a dentist. Probably.

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> so how was your day
< bla sad bla landlord bla dentist office was selling pillows bla
> what the what now?

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