what's the best field to be in if you want a theorem named after you

number theory?

@hazel Brought to by a graduate of the Khoury College of Computing. Named after Khoury, a billionaire of no particular repute in computing.

@wilbowma it's the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering now, named after Luddy, a billionaire, because of course

but I usually refer to it as SICE anyway regardless

@wilbowma the day they change sice-ugrads-l to luddy-ugrads-l is the day I die

@hazel Technically the name change wasn't until the month after I graduated, so I really hoped I'd dodged the bullet, but it took them a while to print up the diploma...

@wilbowma the other day I was vaccinated at Assembly Hall and on the way out I noticed that they literally had the "Mark Cuban Sports Media Technology Center"

and it hurt
just a little bit

@hazel I hate almost every part of this.

Except the part where its makes a capitalist part with a large sum of money for literally no benefit that I can understand. Like, okay, I know a series of sounds that sounds like your name but I don't know or care who you are $50million well spent.

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