friend is taking his first cs class and he was extremely frustrated because he was 'following the instructions exactly' but git wasn't working as expected.

he wasn't saving the file before adding/committing it. "why should i save AND commit it?"


@regehr yeah i've found there's like an insane number of git/ssh questions -- a lot more than you'd expect

having git submissions is probably a good thing, though -- when i looked back at my assignments from my first intro class i submitted them on gradescope as .... code pasted into a word document (i didn't know you could like. submit a file with a .hs extension)

@bhaktishh Your first intro programming class was taught in...Haskell? Nevermind git, that seems like a bold move...after spending a length of time now comfortably measurable in decades writing code in various languages, lazy evaluation still regularly confuses the bejezus out of me.

@zev ok i only provided partial information -- it was an honors introduction course for people with some amount of exposure to programming (and I had written code before, this was just my first <college> class

definitely confusing but totally worth it in my opinion

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